Plants vs Zombies 2 Scores Over 16 Million Downloads

Never doubt the power of plants and zombies. Alright, plants maybe, except Venus Fly Traps, which are pretty neat. Zombies, however, are an unstoppable pop cultural phenomenon that even kids love. Case and point? It was announced today that Plants vs Zombies 2 reached over 16 million downloads in just five days. Granted, the game is free, so it’s not exactly like it is a tough purchase for those interested, but that’s still a ton of people with the game on their iOS device. The game is currently at number one in the App Store in 137 countries and is the biggest mobile launch in EA’s history, doubling their previous day one record.

Here’s some fun facts of what’s been accomplished in the game in a mere five days:

– Over 11 billion suns generated

– Over 2 billion zombie waves

– Over 4 billion plants planted

– Over 25 million hours played

Now let’s just hope this isn’t a ploy from an alien race to keep up distracted as they secretly invade us. Or maybe I’ve just played too much of The Bureau. Whatever the case, it’s a monumental achievement for PopCap’s little plant vs zombie game that could.