Miku Miku Hockey Coming to Japanese Vitas

Clearly, we love Miku here at Hardcore Gamer Japan. Because of that, we have even more news on all things Hatsune related. North American PS Vitas are soon going to be graced with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F, but that’s far from all the Miku fun that the system will see in the future. Unfortunately, it likely is all that us Westerners will get for a while. Those who have a Vita set up with a Japanese PlayStation Network account will be able to mess around with a new Miku game soon enough, though!

Miku Miku Hockey is a goofy little game ¬†which utilizes AR technology to “project” Miku onto a real backdrop. With the Vita camera, you can see Miku on your table or desk and then challenge her to a round or two of air hockey. Sure, it’s incredibly gimmicky, but it’s likely the application will be free.

Those interested in playing around with Miku Miku Hockey only require a Japanese PlayStation Plus subscription. On September 10th the digital title will be released and Hatsune Miku fans will have yet another way to project the digital idol into their world.