Warrior’s Way Proves that Least Engaging Isn’t Always Bad

A few weeks ago, a rabbit popped his head out of a hole in my Mii Plaza and sold me some streetpass games. In an overly convoluted process, I became the owner of four different games that can only be used to their full effectiveness with a StreetPass. In the coming days, we’ll be going through all four games to find out which are worth your attention.

Warrior’s Way is surely the most similar to the classic StreetPass games that come with the 3DS. In Warrior’s Way, players walk around and collect streetpasses where each one adds to the size of their army.  It’s hard to tell if this is because of the amount of size of the army of the street passed person or if it is just random chance. The goal of the game is to battle with armies that are set around the map and to own all of the regions. Conquest is the name of the game.

The combat is a rock, paper, scissors variant mixed with army numbers. For example, archers beat soldiers, horses beat soldiers and horses beat archers. Of course, horses can beat foot soldiers if they have a large enough army. Other strange enemies appear during the game, such as berserkers and ninjas, who are mostly just enemies that have special attributes that make the standard strategy a little trickier. Eventually, the game becomes a little deeper and turns into a gamble every time a land is attacked. It makes the fight more intense every time and that the gameplay grows on you and becomes addicting. Of course, getting a large enough army defeats the strategy and just lets the player brute force through the game. But where is the fun in that?

Usually, most people have their army added to yours with 3DS StreetPass, but sometimes their army is too big that they will “visit” your castle as monarchs and the game gives the option of battling them. Sometimes these armies are massive and it’s best to just leave them alone, but usually it’s optimal to fight them. The reward for fighting is a significant increase in the amount of soldiers gained. The other reward is knowing that you are a better person for wasting more time on the game.

One of the weird quips I have with the game is that it’s limited by the StreetPass functionality in a weird way. Normally one would think that if their army is big enough they would be able to continue on the path of conquest. Instead, the game can only be played when a streetpass is gained or a play coin is spent. It’s odd and feels like an artificial way to extend the lifespan of the game, but those play coins aren’t going to spend themselves.

The game is very simple, but also very quick, something that a lot of the other StreetPass games don’t seem to have any more. When at a convention, I found myself skipping all of the other StreetPass games except for the puzzle game, Find Me and Warrior’s Way, just for saving time.

It’s a simple little strategy game, but it’s worth spending five dollars to pick up, even if it’s just to stomp out the other players that own it.