Romeo vs. Juliet Visual Novel Arrives on Japanese PSPs

Although we’re over a year into the Vita’s lifespan, Sony’s other handheld is still trucking right along in Japan. A new title has just graced Japanese PSPs which deserves some attention for the unusual plot.

Romeo vs. Juliet is a gorgeous new visual novel which revisits and tweaks William Shakespeare’s most famous play. Where exactly does it diverge from the original Romeo and Juliet narrative? Well, for one, there are vampires! Fortunately, Juliet is the youngest Capulet in a long line of vampire hunters.

The game focuses on men seeking Juliet’s affections, such as Romeo but also Mercutio and Benvolio. Romeo vs. Juliet is rated Cero D (17+) and comes in regular and Luxury Edition. It’s currently unknown if any Western publishers will bring QuinRose’s game to North American or European territories.