So long, Microsoft points!

Today’s Xbox 360 update on Live will finally usher in the feature of doing away with the old and rugged Microsoft points system, because the marketplace will now allow for transactions by using good ol’ fashioned money.

You read that right. After turning on the Xbox 360 today and allowing for an update to sync into the console, all Microsoft points that gamers have accumulated will now be converted to real, local money. Microsoft has had this one in the works for a long time based on consumer outreach, which is funny considering their history of having a hazy idea of what gaming fans want. E3 2013, anyone?

Small jabs aside, the update surely has some motives behind it, apart from responding to negative feedback—to test the waters of the new transaction system before the Xbox One console hits retailers and more importantly, to gauge how much money consumers will fork over for, let’s say, what previously had been an arcade title priced at 800 MS points.

The good thing about this update is that anything gamers buy with their newly converted micro-cash will be void of sales tax, at least for the time being. Microsoft has plans to eventually include sales tax in all online marketplace purchases in the future.