Gravity Ghost Available for Pre-Order, Cheap & Awesome

After the final bell rang during E3 2012, the Indiecade booth refused to let the party die.  It was outside the main halls so they didn’t have to shoo people away for instant teardown, and the exhibitors and developers kept on showing off their goodies for another 90 minutes after closing time.  It was a great way to check out some games that had fallen under the radar, such as Gravity Ghost. (Also Scale, which is looking awfully nice lately.)  Two years and a bit later and Gravity Ghost is just about done, ready to bring its lovely interplanetary flying and star-collecting to the world.

In Gravity Ghost you’re a spirit jumping through the heavens, able to use gravity to swing around planets and effect your orbit to reach the next one.  As you arc through the solar systems there are stars to collect in tricky places, and you can sometimes even pick up dirt, seeds, and water to terraform the more lifeless balls of rock.  It’s been over two years since my hands-on (apparently I missed it at this year’s E3) and while it’s not hard to assume many things have changed since then, swooping around the planets while subtly effecting the ghost’s orbit to collect stars in far reaches or tight spaces was a lot of fun.  Now it’s up for pre-order, ready to be released in the coming days, and not only is Gravity Ghost 33% off but you get a spare copy for a friend, DRM-free through the Humble Store.  Check it out, and if you’re at PAX Prime drop by their booth and give it a play.  And if you’re really lucky, grab one of the prettiest bits of game swag I’ve seen in a very long time.