New Tekken in Development?

Namco Bandai Games might have something new up their sleeves, as 2ch releases a report of a new ‘system’ is being made for some of their future PlayStation 4 titles.

These ‘system’ mechanisms have been used previously for their development aspect of their games. The juggle-heavy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for example, was developed using Namco Bandai’s  “System 369.” “System 478” appears to be a new development blueprint, perhaps to help get the ball rolling on Tekken X Street Fighter or—hopefully—Tekken 7.

No word from Namco Bandai Games yet on this matter. If this seems to be the truth, this would definitely give Sony another edge in bringing in consumers, yet again. The Tekken series plays exquisitely well on the PlayStation consoles, so if the company confirms the development, let’s cross our bruised, joystick-laden fingers that “System 478” helps Tekken play even better.