Nintendo’s Latest Handheld Device is Pretty Handy

Looking like an old 90’s toy, Nintendo has unveiled the 2DS. It has all the same capabilities as the 3DS and 3DS XL except for one. There is no 3D feature…hence the name. So, now kids and us old folks won’t be crossing our eyes and straining our brains to play in the 3D.

The 2DS is designed as a 3DS kept open. There is no folding to slip it in your pocket (guess that’s two features). So, the screens and buttons are exposed and susceptible to damage, but if you’re as careful with your toys as kids usually are then it’ll be fine. To the older audiences, it may be kind of ugly and stiff, but might be a serviceable choice if you haven’t grabbed the system yet. It’s considerably cheaper than its predecessor, slightly smaller, compatible with old DS games, comes with Nintendo eShop and you can still take joy in multiplayer games even if others don’t have a 2DS. The device becomes available October 12 to North America. Check it out when you go buy Pokémon X and Y.