PS4 will Wake and Download New Games when Purchased

With a new console launching for both Microsoft and Sony, the information continues to pour out about each system’s functionality. The latest comes from Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony, via twitter. A fan asked the president how buying games would work on a smartphone and the response was far better than I assume @syriasserj was expecting.


This seems to be a natural evolution, as the PS3 was capatible of starting up on its own for updates and then shutting down. The way that Yoshida is describing the smartphone download process is not available on any other platform at this time.  The closest iteration of this so far is Steam’s smartphone functionality, but that only works if a computer is already on and running and it won’t shut down afterward. This is a neat feature that Sony can tick next to a comparison chart of the Xbox One. But who knows, maybe Microsoft will reveal this feature in the c0ming months.

Anything can happen at this point.