White Xbox One might be available for consumers

The Xbox One white version is for all employees who helped on the project. Other neat benefits employees get are all first party games, a year of Xbox Live and an exclusive achievement all for free. It’s a enticing incentive for all employees, but many consumers are wondering if this would ever be available for non-Microsoft employees.

In the Reddit post where the image first surface, Major Nelson, the Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb, responded “[M]aybe waaaay in the future.” That isn’t too much of a confirmation as much as a rumor. Although that makes it a little more likely that at least there will be different colors for the Xbox One so it doesn’t look as close to a VCR as black One does.

Even if this console color was released to the public, Microsoft employees would still have a unique edition. It’s highly unlikely that consumers will get the “I MADE THIS” text next to the disc drive.