Battle Princess of Arcadias Gets Extended Trailer, is Awesome

Earlier today, Nippon Ichi Software released an extended trailer for their up and coming PS3-exclusive JRPG, Battle Princess of Arcadias. For the unaware, Battle Princess is a side-scrolling action-roleplaying game rendered in beautiful 2D a la Dragon’s Crown. And much like Vanillaware’s gem, Arcadias is full of baddie-stomping goodness complete with leveling up, dungeon-delving and excavating treasure troves full of that sweet, sweet loot. Outside of being drop-dead gorgeous to look at, however, the game also encompasses a fast, frenetic play style that is sure to scratch the itch of anyone looking for some solid, JRPG action. Better still is that fact that the game scheduled to launch in Japan next month on September 26.

The trailer seen below mostly focuses on the game’s cast, highlighting the characters that were introduced after the release of the first (and shorter) trailer. Seeing as this is an extended montage, we also get a solid look at the gameplay and its various facets.

Needless to say, if you’re looking for an A-RPG of the Japanese flavor, Battle Princess of Arcadias certainly looks like it will fit the bill.