Kerberos Production’s “Ground Pounders” Kickstarter Has Launched

It was announced a week or so ago that Kerberos’ next game would be yet another spin-off of the Sword of the Stars series, and be produced through crowd-funding through Kickstarter. Today, that Kickstarter, well, kicked off. It’s a pretty standard campaign; depending on how much you give, you’ll receive better and better prizes. If you’d like to give the game a try before even thinking about financing it, an alpha demo was released back when the game was first announced, it’s a free download.

From what I’ve played of Ground Pounders, it seems pretty interesting. But what I really find odd about the Kickstarter is that the game already seems to be well under way, with a Christmas 2013 release date already set. Its nice that those who fund the game can expect to have it in the next few months rather than waiting a few years for their investment to pay off, but I’m having trouble seeing what exactly is being “financed” here. That said, Ground Pounders seems pretty neat in its current state. If this Kickstarter getting completely funded makes it neater, I’m all for it. The projects goal is $42,000, the funding period will end in twenty-nine days.