External HDD for PS4? Nope.

In response to a fan question, Sony President Shuhei Yoshida announced via Twitter today that the much anticipated PlayStation 4 will not be able to allow for games to be downloaded to an external hard-disk drive.

Not surprising since the previous PlayStation consoles didn’t include this much needed feature for extensive memory purposes, but this does place them in somewhat of a negative light in regards to the competition with Microsoft in the race to consumers wallets. The question now becomes a focus the source of Sony’s lack of being able to shove this feature in.

By itself, the absence of an external HDD isn’t a huge issue when you consider that Sony will likely use their Cloud to answer for that or when you take into account that gamers are looking into replacing the internal hard drive with something more suitable, but it does raise some red flags. Nintendo and Microsoft have time and time again offered this option for gamers who want to utilize it.

At the same time, the reasoning behind it can clearly be seen. Not allowing for games to be downloaded to an extensive HDD will further the convenience for pirates to leak games or to bar them from illegally playing games without having purchased any of them.

If Sony does offer an option to switch out the internal hard drive for better memory, then not having an external HDD port will be like not having sprinkles on an already yummy chocolate brownie cake with whipped cream and cherries on top: I ain’t mad.