Love Mega Man? Backing Mighty No. 9 May Be in Your Future

The Mega Man series has been dormant at Capcom for years, leaving longtime fans to settle for fan-made games like Mega Man vs. Street Fighter or indie games like Rad Raygun and Vintage Hero that attempt to recapture its classic formula. However, like Coke, a copy is only going to seem like the real deal to a certain extent. Enter Mighty No. 9 from Keiji Inafune — the creator of Mega Man (not that bushy-bearded Dr. Light). He’s hoping to revive the gameplay style with an all-new character named Beck (not our own Adam Beck, or the singer). Thanks to Kickstarter, his team could very well help bring back interest in the genre.

While gameplay hasn’t been shown and screens aren’t available, the sketches show off a game that is clearly inspired by Mega Man in the right ways.  MN9 retains Mega Man’s ability to gain boss weapons, but also allows you to transform your body into new shapes. Your limbs can become magnets and rip shilds away. You can also turn into a tank and avoid those wonderful one-hit kill spikes. Mighty Skills allow you to give yourself special powers, like a double jump or a speed boost, and adds strategy since these bonuses are limited in use.

As far as the tiers go, $5 gets you a custom password to claim your backer designation on exclusive forums, access to polls, and an in-game credit. $20 gets you that and a copy of the game. $40 nets you everything below that and a digital art book/strategy guide and digital OST. $60 gives you a golden-colored variant of Beck as well as a physical game box and physical manual. Paying more nets you stuff like a t-shirt or a physical artbook/guide, but the best value seems to be the $40 one since it comes with so much more additional content.