Sorry, make that “PS Vita.” Stupid “V” key got stuck on me.

One of my favorite games from all of 2010 was the simple yet amazingly fun PC title VVVVVV. Surprisingly, the hardest part was not counting out the number of V’s to make sure you spelled it right, as the game provided a legitimate challenge and wonderful level design to make it a surprise hit. The core mechanic is essentially a gravity flip, allowing you to bounce back and forth as you manipulate gravity to explore your environment and avoid the numerous obstacles along the way. Luckily for PS Vita owners, this wonderful title will soon make its way into the hands of a new audience, as the PlayStation Blog announced yesterday that VVVVVV would be coming to the Vita sometime in the future. There is no confirmed release date yet except for “sometime” but for anyone that has a Vita and hasn’t already purchased this game on PC yet, this is something to look forward to. And also, what is wrong with you? Go get the PC version now.