Music Monday: September 2 Edition

In the past weeks, we’ve covered various Vocaloid-inspired J-pop in addition to last week’s J-rock group, FACT. While all of the songs thus far have been different, each have shared a similarity: they’re all upbeat, fast-paced tunes. So, in an effort to shake things up a bit, we’re going to be slowing down the music this week with one of Miho Fukuhara’s newest (and most brilliant) compositions.

For those wondering, Fukuhara is a huge star in Japan, and has even found some success as an international star teaming up with the likes of Leona Lewis and Sweetbox. Today’s offering, entitled “Beyond”, is a ballad grand in scope, ambition and emotion. It is truly ripe with the sentimentality of a good love song, and Miho’s story is conveyed even more so through the power and resonance of her voice — something that even those unfamiliar with the Japanese language can pick up on.