Sixteen-Year-Old Boy Gets Stuck Between Two Walls While Attempting to Retrieve Dropped PSP

Don’t worry, it’s okay to laugh. The boy got out just fine. But according to Fox 13 News, a Chinese resident who is referred to as Zhang dropped his PSP between two warehouse buildings. The gap between the buildings was only twenty-five centimeters, but that didn’t stop Zhang. Perhaps in an effort to show that he is, in fact, the hardcore-est of gamers, Zhang attempted to reach into the gap, and ultimately got stuck for nearly two hours. He was wedged between the buildings so intensely, that the area’s firefighters ended up having to drill through the building’s wall to free him. Fox’s report shared no details on the conditions of the PSP, but the boy is in good condition with no major injuries.

I’m glad the boy is okay, as he has proved himself to be one dedicated gamer. I just hope his system pulled through. Sony had ought to send him a Vita for his efforts, and for bringing unintentional publicity to the PSP, a handheld I haven’t thought about in quite a while.