Weekly Releases: Manga Galore!

It’s always good to know what’s new to buy in the area of anime and manga. Thus, we bring to you today all the goodness hitting North American store fronts this week. It’s quite a full helping, and if a fantastic way to kick off the month of September. If we may, we highly encourage taking a gander at AKB0048 and From Up on Poppy Hill. Naturally, if you love omnibuses, then clearly there’s plenty to pore over, what with four from which to choose! That’s a lot of big books!

Anime releases

AKB0048 — Season 1 Blu-ray and DVD versions
Elfen Lied — Box Set Blu-ray and DVD versions
From Up On Poppy Hill
One Piece — Season 5 Part 2
Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA Series
Yuruyuri: Happy Go Lily — Season 1

Manga releases

Bleach Omnibus Vol. 16–18
Demon Love Spell Vol. 4
Dragon Ball Omnibus Vol. 4–6
Mameshiba Vol. 3: Enchanted
Max Steel Vol. 1: The Parasites
Monsuno: Combat Chaos Vol. 2: Revenge/Sacrifice
My Boyfriend is a Vampire Vol. 9–10
Naruto Omnibus Vol. 16–18
One Piece Vol. 68
Pokemon Adventures Vol. 18
Psyren Vol. 12
Strobe Edge Vol. 6
Winx Club Vol. 9
Young Miss Holmes Vol. 5–7
Zero’s Familiar Omnibus Vol. 2