Final Fantasy VI Gets a Fan Trailer

Creating concept trailers of would-be movies based on fan favorite video games isn’t anything new. In fact, folks have been making these kinds of trailers for years. Sadly, many of these projects are laughably bad. The ones that aren’t, however, get slapped with a big old cease-and-desist letter so fast it makes your head spin. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped a team of Final Fantasy VI loyalists from putting together their very own rendition of a video montage based on the popular SNES title.

Surprisingly, this is one of those fan trailers that reeks of awesomeness. It might be the simple fact that FFVI is one of the best, yet most under-recognized entries in the series; but it also might be how well-made this trailer is that makes it so special. While Locke looks a little too baby-faced for our liking, it’s still rad to see these timeless characters come to life in live-action. It’s too bad Square Enix is usually Johnny-on-the-spot with shutting these types of things down, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of a day when Final Fantasy gets a proper film.

But enough with the blabbering, let me direct you to the video below, so you can piece together your own conclusions on the final product. You can also check out the filmĀ here for more details. Don’t say we never gave you anything cool.