Xbox One TV Ad is all About Football

The 2013 NFL season kicked-off with more than some pigskin, Doritos and towel-slapping latent homosexuality. Microsoft decided to target every North American males most tenderest soft-spot, and we’re not talking about biscuits & gravy from Hardee’s, either. That’s right, the first Xbox TV Ad is upon us, and it’s all about football. Rather than focus on gaming, Microsoft decided to highlight their live sport streaming, spectacular voice control and Skype connectivity. All in a glorious 30 second display of manly manliness and a really excited Asian guy.

It’s a tad hazy now, but Microsoft’s focus on entertainment was initially received with mixed feelings. It’s clear that they’ve listened, adapted, and tried to improve, hoping to deliver a more complete and satisfying living-room experience. And if the Xbox One performs anywhere near as good as in the ad, they’d have done so successfully. Sure, the playing field is pretty leveled, and both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are fantastic consoles, but those gamers that abandoned their fandom entirely, switched allegiance at the first sight of failure, and are likely the shamed descendants of Benedict Arnold, well, they’re probably still going to enjoy themselves because this generation doesn’t really have any wrong choices, just personal preferences and lots of crunchy, delicious Doritos.

If you’re still interested in actually viewing the ad, here it is:

Don’t worry if you Guy Fawkes-ed on the Xbox One. I’ve heard that they’re accepting more preorders these days, so go ahead and click here, Judas.