Dungeons in The Elder Scrolls Online

Calling all spelunkers, soon you’ll be able explore caves without the wet suit, headlamp, and terrifying cave-dwellers turned monstrous predators (which I assume every cave contains in some form or another). Bethesda has recently revealed that The Elder Scrolls Online will have 16 regular dungeons and 6 master dungeons upon release, with more to follow. Those of you with concerns about end-game content should probably prepare for your descent now, because it seems Bethesda was well aware of your concerns, and quite eager to prove you wrong.

A release date for The Elder Scrolls Online has yet to be confirmed, but the Beta invites have been tossed around like dodge-balls by Bethesda, so it probably won’t be much longer before we’re saving the world along with 3 or 23 of our friends (depending on the content conquered). Are you ready to go spelunking?