Nintendo Finally Lowers Price of Some of Their Best Wii Titles

Yesterday, Nintendo finally got around to lowering the price of two of their best Wii games, as New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 both were reduced in price to $30 in North America. Oh, and Wii Sports Resort also had its price reduced to $30. So a better name for this article might have been “Nintendo Finally Lowers Price of Two of Their Best Wii Titles and One of Their Most Pointless,” but that headline was a little long and snarky by our standards.

The good news is you can now own two of the best Mario experiences of the past console generation for a much more reasonable price, as $30 is well worth the price of admission for either of these games. The bad news is I’m not positive there is anyone who owns a Wii that hasn’t already played both of these titles, and Wii Sports Resort already comes bundled in with most of the new Wii systems. To me, the more shocking piece of news is that it took Nintendo this long to get around to lower the prices to $30. This probably comes about two years too late to be interesting to just about anyone, as their new console has already been out for almost a year and already has its own “New Super Mario Newest New Wii U Bros.” title available for it. And if you don’t already own it, you could probably just wait for the inevitable re-reboot in like a year of “Newer Super Mario Bros.” for the Nintendo 4DS or whatever console Nintendo is trying to sell then.