Kojima Has Valid Point, But Dirty Hands

Remember a few days ago when everyone was riled up about how Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain director Hideo Kojima wanted to raise the level of sex-appeal in some of the characters in his games? How everyone thought that his move was unconventional, a lewd act of exposure that’s being shoved down the throats of gamers? Well, Kojima went to twitter and fired back.

According to the director, the character in question—Quiet—was a representation of how women are portrayed in fighting games, ones who have been given a sexual edge to their entire model makeup. He furthers his claim by making a statement about the social issues that he says MGSV will bring to light, especially in the world of virtual reality video games. You can see his argument in his entirety here.

Though his point stands fair, I honestly can’t get pass the fact that he made the initial decision to increase the sexual image of Quiet and then hinted at the idea of seeing this character being cosplayed by women at video game conventions on his Twitter account. I won’t say that Kojima doesn’t have valid point about today’s media having an obsession with making sexual features a bloated trait for women, but I can’t deny that Kojima has some dirty hands as well.

Just because he’s upset about the way the western media is running things (as many of us are), his turning of the tables doesn’t magically hide that he’s literally doing the same thing, regardless of whether or not the move was to reinforce a social or political messages. People who don’t care to read that deep into metaphorical art forms will always see things on the surface, and there is a chance for criticism so long as people continue choose to visualize them in this manner.