Battlefield 4 System Requirements Revealed

With all of the visually spectacular footage of Battlefield 4 gameplay being touted the past year, we don’t blame you if you’re suspect about the game running well on your PC. After all, if YouTube videos are crashing your rig, how can you ever expect to experience entire skyscrapers crumbling to the ground or aircraft carriers sinking into the sea? EA was kind enough today to release both the minimum and recommended PC system requirements, finally putting those fears to rest or possibly into an Xbox One/PS4 pre-order instead. As seen below, the minimum specs requires 4GB of memory, 512MB of Graphics Memory and at least a Duo/X2 2.4+ GHZ processor, while recommended shoots much higher with a six-core/quad-core CPU, 8 GB of memory, 3GB of graphics memory and more. Both require 30GB of HDD space.

Well, so much for running this in bootcamp on my MacBook Air.