Music Monday: September 9 Edition

It’s that time again: Music Monday! Today’s entry harkens back to our roots when we first started this feature. What that means is simple: it’s time to return to that lovely, lovely J-pop goodness that is every bit as cute as it is catchy.

Today’s song and video comes from the 29-member super group, e-Girls. (And no, that wasn’t a typo — I intentionally wrote twenty-nine.) e-Girls features all the members of the groups Dream, Happiness, FLOWER, Bunny and EGD (EXPG Girls Dancer). While the name might suggest that it’s meaning is “Internet Girls”, sometimes the truth is more complicated than it initially appears. Thus, the group name actually stands for EXILE Girls Unit. The compilation of gals formed in 2011, but have only put out one full-length album thus far (which debuted back on April 13 of this year). To date, the album has sold close to 120,000 copies and has charted two singles — one of which is today’s pick.

The selection today then, entitled “Candy Smile”, might be the single most heinously catchy song in the history of pop music. It’s almost sickening how hook-y the chorus is. While it’s not the highest placing song of the groups five debut singles, it nevertheless has been downloaded over 40,000 times. Talk about impressive. Needless to say, “Candy Smile” is a smash hit, and after hearing the song, we think most will understand why.

Do note: the video is extremely long; that’s mostly because of the extended intro. For the first few minutes, the video is just a bunch of dancing. The actual song begins around the 2:50 mark.