River City Ransom: Underground Kickstarter Launches

Believe it or not, it’s been over twenty years since the original River City Ransom taught us how to senselessly kick-ass. A few presidential scandals, some polygon-count increases and a handful of high-school massacres later, Conatus Creative, a small company from Ottawa, Canada has decided to remake the glorious violence-fest and bring back the best part of highschool: RPG beat’em ups.

We’re not talking some garage-built wannabe sequel here, either. Conatus Creative acquired the rights to make an official installment in the series from Million Co., a company comprised of former Technōs staff — creators of the original River City Ransom. The story, described as “an old-fashioned, jet-fueled frame-up” will have you join “Alex, Ryan, and a whole cast of new characters in your struggle to bring Slick to justice and clear your name.”


Those unfamiliar with the badassery of the original game are encouraged to check it out. Visit the official Kickstarter page to read about the game or claim your bad-to-the-bone pledge rewards now. You could use some cool-juice for your weak muscles, bro.