AquaPazza to Be Released Exclusively for PS3 on November 19

It was announced today that 2D fighting game AquaPazza will be coming exclusively to PS3 on November 19. The Atlus-published title will be available in stores and on PSN for $29.99. Supporting up two two players both local or online, the North American version of the game will feature all content through the current Japanese arcade spec (ver 2.01), including several new characters and improvements. With thirteen combatants and an in-depth partner system, AquaPazza boasts tournament-level competition thanks to strong mechanics from developers Examu and Aquaplus. Additionally, each character features their own storyline, plus a time-attack, training and gallery mode.

  • trailstreaker

    This game is awesome. Some of the characters are from great animes such as comic party and utawarerumono, just to name a few. I’m looking forward to play this game.

  • charles2029

    I imagine it won’t be as deep as something like BlazBlue, but where else are you going to literally throw books at an opponent with Manaka!

  • Justin

    Pretty excited for this game. I’m so glad I didn’t cave and imported a copy. Now it’s affordable!

  • xenozfan3

    Hmm, this looks nice. Might have to get this one.