Hunt Down Prehistoric Prey in Carnivores HD

If the cancellation of Terra Nova put you in a rut last year, maybe this will crave your appetite for dinosaur action. Carnivores HD is a hunting simulator allowing you to hunt history’s fiercest game. In this PlayStation Store release, you’ll be able to take down a multitude of prehistoric beasts including Triceratops, Ankylosaurus, Pteranodons and of course, Tyrannosaurus Rex. They live on different islands featuring unique environments such as deserts and jungles.

Even though we have no idea how dinosaurs behaved, in this game they act like any other animal. They’ll react with their senses, depend on their habitat and act differently when injured. Your arsenal includes a rifle, sniper rifle, crossbow and tranquilizer darts. There’s no need to actually kill the creatures if you’d rather explore the land, as there’s also an Observation Mode just to check out the areas. The goal, however, is to obtain as many trophies as possible, so you might have to take a dinosaur’s life. Just expect them ready to take yours. Carnivores HD is available now.