PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s PS Store update gives you Galaga Legions DX free. Surprisingly, that’s about it for major deals. You can buy Puppeteer for $40 or pre-order CoD: Ghosts for $60, and gets its season pass for $50. Street Fighter X Tekken finally gets a digital release at $30, while NHL 14 is $60. Dragon Fantasy Book II is a cross-buy RPG for $12 if you’re a Plus member, while Sanctum 2 will set you back $15. Killzone: Mercenary hits the Vita for $36, and Mystic Heroes is a PS2 classic at $10. If you’d like to play Aliens: Colonial Marines for God knows what reason, you can get the ULTIMATE BUNDLE with DLC for $18 if you’re Plus. A Modern Warfare bundle is also available for $69, while a Black Ops bundle costs $74 for Plus.