The Perilous Journey of Puppeteer Kicks Off in Launch Trailer

It might be easy to miss that Puppeteer has released today, so if anything take this as a PSA. The inventive and charming side-scrolling PS3 exclusive can now be had for the budget price of $39.99. Commemorating the launch of this franchise in the making (fingers crossed) is a launch trailer from Sony. The trailer shows off much of the unique gameplay encountered in the game, as well as detailing the surprisngly complex story.

It’s about as close to marketing as this game is going to get, so enjoy.

  • trailstreaker

    This game has a great and unique story and artwork. I will give a try and also the price is a plus. 39.99 for a game like this is really cheap.

  • anth

    Wow this game looks fun, but the demo was kinda boring, maybe there was too much tutorial lol.