GMG Offers Tons of Games in Super-Cheap Bundles

GMG’s got a lot of bundles on sale this week, including a Deus Ex Pack, a Thief Pack, a Hitman Pack, a Duke Nukem Platformer Pack, and a Best of Square-Enix Pack. There are also some major savings in daily deals, like a Complete LEGO Pack that gives you LEGO Batman 1 and 2, LEGO Harry Potter 1-7, and LEGO Lord of the Rings on Steam. These bundles feature some incredible savings that get better with the promo code GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN that takes 20% off of everything that isn’t from Square-Enix. If you’re a casual fan of some of these franchises but would like to get more involved in them, this is a perfect time to do so.