Pokémon X & Y Update Includes New Pokémon, Starter Evolutions and More Mega Forms

Man, where do I even begin? We have just been overwhelmed with Pokémon news today. But that’s not a bad thing by any means. We’ll start with one of the most anticipated, the evolutions for the Kalos Starters.

Chespin, the little hedgehog, evolves into Hariboogu. It remains a pure Grass-type, but also learns Mud Shot. This, along with its color scheme and rotund shape, gives us clues that it’ll evolve to become a Grass/Ground-type. It’s not certain, but come on, look at it. Fennekin evolves into Teerunaa, a bipedal Fire-type that actually learns another Psychic move — Psyshock. Many fans have already expressed outrage that it doesn’t stay on all fours, perhaps because it looks like it’ll end up becoming a Fire/Fighting-type, but it won’t with those Psychic attacks. Last, Froakie evolves to Gekogashira. It learns Bounce, which is a Flying attack, but frogs do hop around so there’s no real hint to it becoming another type. They’ve still got one more evolution to go so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks or even one month for the game to be released.

Next up are the new Mega forms that have been revealed. One Pokémon went from dangerous to deadly. Garchomp, the Mach Pokémon, gets a lot sharper all over the place. From added spikes, to razor-like scythes, to a pointy chin, Garchomp will hurt you from head to toe. With those kinds of features one would think its attack or speed would increase but they’re already its highest stats, guess we’ll wait for that as well. Next is…wait a minute…another Mewtwo? Holy smokes, how much are they trying to sell us on the old legendary? Well, it’s getting another Mega form and this one looks even funnier — a lot buffer with a shorter tail. In this form it gets more physical and becomes a Psychic/Fighting-type rather than relying only on Psychic abilities. Also, and you all might not like this, but it’s exclusive only to Pokémon X. This is all very interesting, yet probably unnecessary. Do we need another Mewtwo form? Of course not. Will it be important to the story? Looks that way.

Alright, now for the new, new Pokémon. We’ve got some more fossil Pokémon to add to our parties and they’re very formidable. Chigorasu is a miniature T-Rex with powerful jaws and teeth. It’s a Rock/Dragon-type with a new ability called Hard Jaw which increases the attack power of biting-related moves such as Crunch, Fire Fang and Thunder Fang. No word on its movelist but it’s well-known that any Pokémon primarily using its mouth will learn those. The other dinosaur is a seemingly docile Diplodocus named Amarusu. Just because it looks cute doesn’t mean it won’t give you a cold shoulder. It’s a Rock/Ice-type with a new ability called Freeze Skin. It can turn Normal-type attacks to Ice ones and even give their power a boost. Both Pokémon already look like excellent partners in any battle.

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Another new Pokémon is Torimian, a white dog that appears similar to the French Poodle breed. It has a new ability called Fur Coat, which reduces damage from physical attacks. There will probably be a few old Pokémon that will receive it as well. Torimian can also be customized with haircuts and dye jobs. It would have been a nice evolution to Swirlix, but so far no word. Who knows though, with all the surprises so far it could happen. The last new Pokémon comes in a pair. Nyaonikusu is a Psychic-type cat Pokémon with female and male appearances. The female will be more of an attacker with moves like Extrasensory while the male version will be used for strategy with its Miracle Eye. Its abilities, Keen Eye and Infiltrator, allow it to sneak through defenses as well as ignore any accuracy reduction. Both suitable for their roles.

There is also a bit more info on the rest of the game. Fairy-types are weak against Steel and Poison, with Steel itself immune to Poison. Guess they decided to team up against the new guy. We also learn that Fairy is super effective against Fighting and Dark. I guess it’s supposed to bring peace to something mean and uncivil. One other thing we found out is about the game’s antagonist, Team Flare. They want to bring beauty to the world. Doesn’t sound so bad right? Maybe that explains why you can cut and color the new dog.  Those are the biggest updates that were released, but we’ve still got an entire month before Pokémon X and Y and plenty of content yet to be revealed.