Buy Battlefield 4 on PS3 or 360, Upgrade to PS4 or One Version for $9.99

While GameStop and Amazon have been running their own similar promotions to upgrade various EA/Activision games to Xbox One for $9.99, EA confirmed today that every copy of Battlefield 4 for Xbox 360 or PS3 will be able to be upgraded for the same price. Inside every copy of the PS3 game will be a voucher with a unique code printed on it. This codes allows for a one-time opportunity to purchase a digital version of of the PS4 game on PSN for $9.99 until March 28. For Xbox One, the same GameStop offer still applies where the 360 copy can be traded up to the Xbox One version for $9.99 until December 31.

With stats and accounts able to be carried over, this will allow players to get a three week head start on the next-generation.