James Pond Is Getting The Kickstarter Treatment

It looks like James Pond is getting resurrected. The news came out through a YouTube video posted by Chris Sorrell, the man responsible for the design, art, and programming of the James Pond games. Not much information on what exactly the game will be, but in the video, Sorrell explains how he intends to “… take the best qualities of the old game and bring it right up to date.” The Kickstarter is set to begin on September 20th.

I’ve never played any of the James Pond games, so I don’t really know what to think. I always thought the name was clever, but nothing else about it really made me interested in purchasing/playing it. That said, Sorrell has a pretty good track-record in game development, with titles like 24: The Game and MediEvil (both of which I enjoyed) under his belt, who knows? Maybe it’ll end up being great. I’m just not so sure a new James Pond is in demand right now. But I suppose Kickstarter is a good way of gauging your audience’s interest in your product.