Stardust Amazoness Debut Trailer Feautres Plenty of Girls in Bizzare Outfits

Yes, this article has a strange title, but there’s really no other way we can summarize the content of the debut trailer of Stardust Amazoness into words.  The upcoming Arc System Works 3DS RPG boasts a stable of girls dressed in conflicting outfits doing something. What that is, we’re not sure. But the outfits range from inexplicable to surprisingly revealing, such as Maria, who’s top consists of a belt across her breasts:

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 12.04.08 AM

Yep. Check out the full four minute trailer below and prepare to be amazed. The game is due out November 14 in Japan. We’d say it doesn’t have a chance of getting localized, but that’s also what we said about Senran Kagura Burst. Life can be a crazy ride.