Disney Infinity Starts Strong

Evidently a lot of people enjoy the combination of video games and toys. That, or enough kids managed to throw a tantrum annoying enough to convince parents to drop $74.99 — which is the price of the Disney Infinity starter pack.

A spokesperson from Disney Interactive Studios told gamesindustry that “Disney Infinity sales are off to a strong start.” Infinity has sold 294,000 starter pack units in the United States alone during the last two weeks, and is expected to do well over the coming months. “We’re very pleased with the launch in both the U.S. and globally, and believe Disney Infinity is well-positioned for the critical holiday sales season.” These numbers don’t include added toy sets, accessories such as power discs, and international sales figures. I expect to hear a lot of screaming children during this holiday season, and not just the ones in my neighbors basement.

Check out our review of Disney Infinity if you’re wondering whether this purchase is worth the creepy stares and oddball expressions at the register.