Gotta Catch’ Em All Making a Comeback in Contest Form

If you’ve been following Pokémon on their various social media platforms, you may have seen this video featuring the classic catchphrase “Gotta Catch’ Em All.” We all remember those days when Ash was on a mission to catch every single Pokémon (which failed). He was so determined to be the very best but nobody (including Ash) ever was. Anyway, now the Pokémon Company are launching a contest for fans to win a few prizes.

The mission for this competition is to go around various websites as indicated by some clues found at the official website. Once you’re on whichever site it is,  you’ll find a code to enter. They all reveal different Pokémon from the upcoming sixth generation of games. If you’re able to reveal one Pokémon you’re automatically entered into the sweepstakes. The more you uncover, the higher your chances. It’s very difficult finding the codes scattered around the web, I have yet to find any myself, but if you would like to receive all the prizes without doing any of the dirty work then here is a list of all the codes and prizes.


Speaking of prizes, manga, ringtones and wallpapers are only some of the small things to receive. After your entries are all in, you get the chance of winning a 3DS, copies of Pokémon X and Y, toys, a guide book or trading card sets. This is what’s worth playing for.  The contest is running all the way up until the game’s released and winners are chosen every week. Give it a try for yourself, gotta win’ em all.