New iPhone 5s Case Makes Your Device Look Like the Game Boy You Never Had

Retro is so cool. The original Game Boy and NES are so hip and alternative and beloved by the current generation who was born after they were released, touting how awesome they are. Sure, maybe they’ve never experienced the games outside of emulators, but that’s not going to stop them from making their iPhone look like one, oh no. Rocketcases has today announced the Retro Gamer case line for iPhone 5s, 5 4 and4s.  The cases come in two flavors, one that looks like an original Game Boy on the back and one that looks like an NES control pad.  The cases are available now for $14.95 from Rocketcases.

Snag one to avoid disappointment for not impressing your dumb friends with how hip you are.

Rocketcases - Game Boy Themed Case for iPhone 5 Rocketcases -Nintendo Controller Style iPhone 5 Case