GameStop Lists New Uncharted For PlayStation 4

A new entry in the Uncharted series has yet to be announced by developer Naughty Dog, but GameStop seems to know of its existence. The post comes from GameStop’s German website without a release date or any additional information.

uncharted 4

The most curious thing about the listing is that it comes shortly after Nolan North’s discussion with GamerHub at the recent GameStop Expo in Las Vegas.

“I’ve seen of the prototypes of the PS4 and I know that a lot of the developers I’m working with that use the PS4, it’s an amazing machine — Whether it’s Uncharted, God of War, Call of Duty, all these games are going to benefit from just the technology that they’re putting out.”

Implications aside, a new Uncharted wouldn’t be a strange step for the prince of video game voice overs. With Deadpool behind him and his mark in The Last of Us made, it makes sense that the prototypes that he’s “seen” are of his newest adventure as Nathan Drake.