Grand Theft Auto V Makes Nearly One Billion Dollars

OK, it’s not necessarily near one billion dollars, as the difference can fund upwards of ten large games, but in terms of GTA standards, it may as well be riding the line. Following the impressive sales in the United Kingdom, Rockstar Games has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V has made over $800 million within the first 24 hours worldwide. This absolutely decimates Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s previous record of $500 million.

I don’t have to hide the fact that this is an insane amount of money, more than any movie or game has ever launched at. Rockstar Games was basically making over $500,000 every minute since it was released, and that cash flow isn’t going to let up anytime soon. That $250 million that was reportedly used to fund the development and marketing of GTAV has been put to good use as GTAV has made historical strides for the industry.