Hot Tin Roof Reveals Stretch Goals And Future Plans

Kickstarter has gained a lot of popularity in the video game world, particularly with independent developers. And why wouldn’t it? Not all good games manage to secure funding, let alone a publisher. But with proper crowd funding that’s much less of a problem nowadays. Doors have been opening across every platform imaginable thanks to a supportive community of gamers interested in unique experiences, and among them Hot Tin Roof, a game we’ve played, loved, and discussed in our Escapism Weekly series.

Today, Glass Bottom Games (Jones On Fire) revealed that the Kickstarter campaign has reached 75% of its funding, along with stretch goals and plans for the future of Hot Tin Roof. The newly added goals include fireworks ammunition, devious cats, an ice trade hit-man and much, much more.

According to Megan Fox, CEO of Glass Bottom Games, the stretch goals aren’t just normal old stretch goals, either. They’ll be aiming to release the extras even once the Kickstarter campaign is over, adding content with free downloadable expansions.

“We’ll be continuing to take pre-orders after the Kickstarter ends, and all of that income feeds straight into Hot Tin Roof and continues to push us toward stretch goals. Even after release, if the game is a hit, we’ll use the income to fund creation of these additional chapters as free DLC.”

The folks at Cerulean Games already have the prototype running on mobile devices as can be seen in this short video posted on the Glass Bottom Games YouTube channel.

“The mobile port is only one of the other platforms we’d like to hit. PS3/PS4, Wii U, these are still on the table.”

Fans of 3D side-scrolling action platformers, noir themed games or fun in general are encouraged to visit the Kickstarter page and claim some pledge rewards.