Pick Up These Ghost in the Shell Shades at TGS

Just as Tokyo Game Show 2013 goes live, we bring you news of some sweet swag coming folks’ way via the fine individuals behind the latest Ghost in the Shell series, Arise. GitS: Arise began airing in Japan back in June, and thus far has been met with praise from viewers and critics alike. To capitalize on its success, and the general fandom that the series brings with it no matter where it goes, specially designed Arise glasses, made just for TGS, are being sold.

Over the next few days, event-goers will be able to check out vending machines around the venue to purchase these “Jins PC for Hackers” glasses, which are of course based on the latest Ghost series. These specific glasses are a collaboration effort with TGS itself and will only be available at the event. At the booths with vending machines, there will also be special, large-scale displays of the mecha Rojikoma from the show.

There might be some folks out there who are unfamiliar with this line of shades. “Jins PC for Hackers” is a line of premium glasses that launched last summer, with engineers, programmers and hardcore gamers in mind. Geared toward this group of high-end users, the glasses’ technology, known as “White Hackers,” are customized PC shades designed with these folks in mind especially. With the Arise models, though, the design is said to incorporate the perspectives of the cyber world from Ghost in the Shell: Arise, which sounds pretty rad if you ask us.

The hacker-oriented glasses became a thing in July of last year, when the first 1,500 pairs of the initial model sold out on the day of its release. This new model to be released at Tokyo Game Show will be based on the original, coming in two distinct styles, running approximately $100 per pair. (Ouch, that’s steep, by the way!) The glasses are now available for pre-order on the JINS online shop, and will be sold through the online shop as well as some Jins stores around Japan starting Sept. 20. As we said, however, the Ghost in the Shell models will only be purchasable at TGS — so if this is your thing, start scouring Ebay in the coming days.