Sony Talks And Shows PlayStation App

Imagine being able to constantly check on what your friends are doing, send them messages on the go and accept new friend requests, all in the palm of your hands. Does this sound a lot like the Facebook App? Well, it’s actually a lot more similar to Microsoft’s Smartglass, but you get the picture. Sony hasn’t been holding back on the social features coming to the PlayStation 4, and this application is just another layer of interactivity to lose yourself in.

Sony put the app on display during their TGS Keynote, and Shuhei Yoshida shows us how it works. Check gameplay footage, harass your friends, manage scores, and draw stuff to flick at people. Developers will also have access to many features that can be implemented for different game related purposes. While this App doesn’t look particularly revolutionary, it’s definitely shaping up to be an essential companion to the upcoming PlayStation experience.