Earn a Pokémon Just by Being Alive (Also, New Evolutions)

Starting the day of Pokémon X and Y’s release, players can earn a Pikachu, Eevee or any of its evolutions by visiting a Pokémon Center store and providing proof it’s their birthday. Fans who enter a store any day of the year on their birthday will not only receive one of those Pokémon, but also get a birthday crown, a birthday card with their name on it, and a 5% off coupon for the day. It’s a very generous offer for dedicated fans, however, it’s unfortunate there are only stores located in Japan, the state of Washington and formerly one in New York City. No word yet if the Nintendo Store in NYC will be participating. It also sucks if your birthday is on October 11 and plan on buying the game at one of those stores.

But here’s news everyone all over the world can enjoy. Remember those cute little dinosaur Pokémon we revealed? They just grew up! The evolved forms of Tyrunt and Amaura have been announced and they’re large and in charge. Well, one is really in charge because it’s the Despot Pokémon, which means it has total power and uses it in cruel ways. That would be Tyrantrum, the Rock/Dragon-type evolved form of Tyrunt. It’s expected to have a huge attack stat, especially with increased power for biting moves. Amaura, the long-necked dino, evolved into Aurorus. It is the Tundra Pokémon and has large wing-like sails along its neck. Aurorus is a Rock/Ice-type which gives it an advantage over Tyrantrum, so maybe this one is actually in charge. We’ve also learned its new attack called Freeze Dry is super effective against Water Pokémon. These two have had fans in an excited frenzy but we won’t be able to test them yet. Don’t worry, the time will come soon enough.

There have also been a bit of gameplay information made available. There’s been a couple of changes to some mechanics from the last games. Electric-type Pokémon can no longer be paralyzed; even from non-electrical moves. Grass-types won’t be affected by powdery attacks like Sleep Powder. The last bit is about Ghost-types, they will not be affected by conditions that prevent fleeing. Block, Mean Look and Arena Trap are just a few that they will be able to bypass. All these changes leave some of at a disadvantage, so now we’ll just have to form even more strategies.