Beyond: Two Souls Production Budget Revealed to be 27 Million Dollars

In an interview with French website Le Figaro and David Cage, it was revealed that the production budget of Beyond: Two Souls was 20 million euros (just over 27 million dollars). While this may seem like a hefty price tag, it’s fairly low considering its presentation as a virtual film. As stars Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe command reasonably high salaries (although both have starred recently in low budget indie films like “Super” and “4:44 Last Day on Earth”), it’d be interesting to know how much of that budget was reserved solely for their performances.

For comparison, Heavy Rain cost 16.7 million euros to produce (22.2 million dollars), so it’s not a substantial increase considering the visual upgrade and Hollywood talent of this production.

Beyond: Two Souls is due out October 8 for PS3.