Conan O’Brien Reviews GTA V, Blows Up A Strip Club

While we had plenty of nice things to say about GTA V here at Hardcore Gamer (like giving it our first 5/5 in a while), we had yet to hear from the one game reviewer we trust over all others: Conan O’Brien. Conan has delivered some excellent reviews on the likes of Hitman and Tomb Raider, but this might be his best work yet. We find out some very interesting things about GTA V, watch an early mission that has Conan chasing a stolen yacht (poorly), and learn that the person in charge of web content for his show has really, really sweaty hands. Oh, and we learn perhaps the most important lesson of all: never, ever toss Conan out of a strip club. Or, if you do, you had better arm your bouncers with grenades.

Check out the full clip below, and we promise you that it is worth it to stick around to the end.