Music Monday: September 23 Edition

J-pop is infectious. In fact, it’s more akin to a disease in that once it gets into your head, you can’t get it out. Only after it’s fully ran its course and is no longer welcome does it finally leave. That’s what today’s entry epitomizes: a song that becomes etched so deeply in your head that your only option in making it go away is to grow tired of hearing it. So then comes the act of playing the song on repeat to exhaust yourself of it, and only then will you finally get relief.

Today’s installments comes to us from the super cute group of nanoCUNE. NanoCUNE was formed in 2012, and is a quartet of four teenage popstars that truly understand the four principles to which a group must adhere in order to be successful in the Japanese pop scene: 1. be adorable 2. be adorable 3. be excellent singers 4. be adorable. Fortunately for nanoCUNE they are all of that, and thus present us with today’s song: “Usotuski Laian.” This hit released back on July 22 is by far the group’s most popular and catchy jam, and has put the group — that was only somewhat popular prior to the hit — in the spotlight. The four even recently sang at a special Gundam Front Tokyo event (which can be viewed here and shows just how rabid audiences are for them), further cementing their status as icons.

Truth be told, there isn’t really anything left to say about this song other than it’s perhaps the best one we’ve covered here on Music Monday so far. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be captivated by the very core of what j-pop is. If you’ve never tried out the genre, this is the best entry point, hands down.