Space Marine Shooter ‘Alien Rage’ Gets a Launch Trailer

For those unaware, Alien Rage is an upcoming space marine blasts aliens shoot ’em up due to release tomorrow on Steam. The game features unique weapons, twenty one enemy types, eight bosses, over fourteen levels and now a launch trailer. The trailer is surprisingly raw and epic, featuring a group of tough marines landing on a planet and instantly shooting the crap out of it. With a high energy score, cinematic moments and some impressive graphics, it looks like a winner at first glance. Unfortunately, however, the game turns out to be a bit of a generic space marine shooter that quickly grows tiresome, as evidenced by our review.

Those who want to give it a shot can pick it up tomorrow on Steam for $19.99 (or at a discounted price of $15.99 for the next day) or in the near future for Xbox 360 and PS3.