Pokémon Announcement Spreads Rumors Like Mad

Because the release of Pokémon X and Y is less than a month away, the internet has been going nuts. You know who’s not helping? The Pokémon Company. They’re fueling this fire! They enjoy watching us engage in bitter arguments as they laugh their Butterfrees off. Earlier in the day, Pokémon announced they’ll be revealing an evolution within the next 24 hours. Everybody and their Mothim started spewing any thoughts that would come to mind. One person listed this whole detailed description of how the past starters evolved so they could debunk someone’s theory about the announcement being a Fennekin evolution. Another person suggested it would be Chespin’s final form to be revealed because it would go in Pokédex order. Then another was thinking it’s also a starter but next week they’ll show off the next evolution and a couple days before the release, they’ll probably let us see the last starter. Who knows… L93hubC But look! There’s no word if this is a leak or fan-made, but we could get to see Froakie’s final form. If it’s real, everybody is loving it. He’s sleek, got a nice contrast of colors and he makes foam manes so hardcore. They say its name is Gallantoad and points to being a Water and Fighting-type. It looks real but maybe we’ll find out soon. Keep your Bunearys open for more news.