Women Rule Drag-On Dragoon’s TGS Trailer

The first Drag-On Dragoon, or Drakengard in the West, was somewhat beloved be gamers, especially after Cavia spun-off one of the endings into its own game (Nier). Well the series is returning, but now that Cavia is unfortunately defunct, Access Games, best known for Deadly Premonition and Spy Fiction, has taken up the torch to bring us a third installment.

When the game was first revealed, there’s no denying that it looked very early. So early that some, including myself, thought this would be a PlayStation Portable game. Thankfully, with the time they have been given, it has slowly become a little more visually appealing, although this trailer mainly focuses on the cast of characters, who seem to populated vastly by women, rather than the world. Drag-On Dragoon 3 will be out in Japan by the end of the year for the PlayStation 3, with a North American release questionable at this point.